New Orleans East Satin Dolls School of Dance, LLC

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Leave It On the Floor!  

  9637 Chef Menteur Hwy.  New Orleans La,  70127

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Dance Through Life With the Best

The New Orleans East Satin Dolls School of Dance was founded by Karen & Ricky Jordan in 2017. Since its establishment, the team has been changing the lives of young girls in New Orleans East, Louisiana through the art of dancing. In November of 2018, N.O.E established the Satin Dolls N. Heels to our program for adults. 

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Mission Statement

 To improve the lives of the youths in New Orleans and encourage them to never take their eyes off their dreams. To teach that hard work and dedication will always achieve their goals in life.

Satin Dolls N. Heels  

N.O.E Satin Doll Caden 



Mrs. Karen Jordan

 N.O.E Satin Dolls Dance 

N.O.E.Satin Dolls - Nene 

N.O.E Satin Doll- Lisa  

New Orleans East School of Dance. Beautifull,Diamond,Gorgeous, Lovely 

N.O.E Satin Doll- Beautifull Gentilly Fest Disturbia 

N.O.E Satin Doll- Char'lae 

N.O.E Satin Dolls Dance Team Gentilly Fest 2018


Queen- N.O.E Satin Doll-Dajonique Brooks

Queen of N.O.E Black & Gold Hearts Charlae Rickmon  

                Gentilly Fest- 2018 

New Orleans East Satin Dolls Dance Team!

N,O.E Satin Doll Trina 

N.O.E Satin Doll Allyaasia 

NOE, Satin Dolls Dance Team 

Our dance lessons are specially designed for girls ages 3-17. We believe that by starting early, your child will be able to bring out their potential not just as a dancer, but as a person as well. This is what we strive to fulfill on a consistent basis.

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